ISML 2014 Preliminary Period

The Preliminary Period follows the Nomination Period. In each Division, it filters 84 Candidates to 36 Contestants.

Nomination Period

At the start of the year, voters submitted names of characters they wish to see compete for the Tiara.
The characters who meet eligibility requirements and receive the most nominations are admitted to the Preliminary Period.
See the 2014 Charter or the Rules FAQ for more details about Preseason procedures.

Phase S-I & N-I

Phase I divides Candidates into pools of seven. In each round, voters may choose up to two characters per pool (arena).
Candidates are regrouped after each Round based on their performance in the previous match.
In Stella Division, all 36 Contestants are decided in this Phase. Nova Division will admit 12 Contestants.
The remaining 72 Candidates in Nova Division continue competing in Phase II.

Phase N-II

Phase II splits Candidates into groups of nine. Each group participates in a round-robin 1-vs-1-vs-1 tournament. Four points are earned for winning a match while two points are earned for placing second. After the four rounds, the winner of each group advances to the Regular Season.

Phase N-III

Phase N-III splits the remaining 64 Candidates in Nova Division into brackets of four.
A single-elimination 1-vs-1 tournament is held in each bracket. The winner of each bracket advances to the Regular Season.
Losing Candidates are eliminated from the main tournament but may appear again in exhibition matches.

Featured Match Previews

Members of the ISML Community are invited to contribute previews and teasers for upcoming matches.
Submissions are posted on the front page while voting takes place.
Any match occurring that day can be featured.

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